The significance of the plus (+) in LEADER+

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Although LEADER retains the content of the previous implementations (LEADER I and LEADER II), it does nevertheless have one point of difference, expressed in its title by the plus sign +. LEADER+ seeks something else in addition to what was offered by the previous implementations and continues to be offered currently by the other programmes in the 3rd CSF.img

The pilot character of the programme is supplied mainly through clusters and collaborations. Special emphasis is laid on the clustering of similar or complementary businesses, on joint promotion and marketing, on cooperation and collective support for business activities which can secure the viability and complementarity of the actions.

The pilot dimension of the programme is achieved through:

  • The development of new products and services incorporating special local features.
  • The implementation of new methods which make optimum use of the human, natural and financial resources of the region.
  • The linking of projects/actions and/or businesses in all sectors of the economy, even those which have traditionally been regarded as separate and independent.
  • The adoption of original forms of organization and involvement of the local population in the decision-taking process.