In what regions of Greece is LEADER+ being implemented?

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In Greece the LEADER+ initiative is being implemented in mountain regions – as so characterized in the approved EU list of mountain regions, disadvantaged regions and regions with special problems – and island regions, as well as environmentally sensitive areas (e.g. NATURA 2000).

However, where the circumstances justify it, and when certain conditions are met (geographical proximity, existence of problems and of development prospects at the same time, etc.), disadvantaged regions may also be included in the programme.

The local LEADER+ programmes may be implemented in regions covered – in part or entirely – by an Integrated Rural Development Programme – IRDP (axis 7 of the Operational Programme for Rural Development – Regeneration of the Countryside 2000 – 2006) or by Regional Operational Programmes. In these cases implementation of LEADER+ is allowed only for actions which:

  • Are not covered by the Integrated Programme (IRDP),
  • Are not finally included in the planning for the Integrated Programme (IRDP),
  • Operate to complement and strengthen the efficacy of the actions in the Integrated Programme (e.g. collaborations, clusters, etc.),
  • Secure the pilot dimension of the local programme and highlight the added value of the initiative.