The development objectives of LEADER+

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The National Programme LEADER+ has two general development objectives:

Integrated, high-quality, sustainable development of the countryside, by means of pilot implementations.

Support for the endeavour to end the isolation of various regions, on all levels of economic and social life.

These objectives are attained locally through the implementation of an integrated strategy, which is structured around one important thematic axis, characterizing the identity of the region, the ‘Priority Theme’. The ‘priority themes’ of our country’s local programmes are as follows:

  • Improvement of quality of life in the implementation regions.
  • Use of contemporary technology and expertise to improve the competitiveness of products and services.
  • Utilization of local products and facilitation of access to markets by strengthening relations among sectors, mainly for small-scale productive enterprises.
  • Making the best use of natural and cultural resources, including enhancing the value of sites of Community interest selected under Natura 2000.