Who can submit an investment proposal under a local LEADER+ programme?

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Investment proposals may be submitted by individuals or legal entities (private persons, local authorities, local government enterprises, co-operatives, associations, etc.).
The necessary conditions for submission of a proposal are as follows:

  • There should be an approved LEADER+ programme in the region in question,
  • The investment proposals should reflect the philosophy and content of the local programme,
  • The interested party must have the required financial resources (own contribution).

Procedure for implementation of the local LEADER+ programmes and inclusion of projects/investments

The measures to be taken by the 40 Local Action Groups managing the local programmes are as follows:

  • Widespread briefing and awareness-raising of local population, through meetings, publications, etc.
  • Public invitation to interested parties (candidate final beneficiaries) to submit proposals for projects.
  • Investment proposals are set out in accordance with a model proposal supplied by the Local Action Groups.
  • Evaluation of the proposals submitted in accordance with pre-determined criteria for the selection and inclusion of those proposals to be funded under the local programme.
  • Signing of contract between the Local Action Group and the investor, after approval of the investment proposal.